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Tytan today

Tytan today

“It’s so much easier to get him shoes, and he’s so much happier now that he can run around with his friends like a normal 11-year-old. It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road, but we stood together as a family and helped Tytan through his ordeal”, says Dalene, Tytan’s mom.


Tytan could only walk on his toes due to shortened Achilles tendons in both heels which also caused problems with his back and hips.


Dalene contacted Stratum Cares after she heard about our campaign on 947 where we invited the public to send us their stories of children in need of medical assistance.


The Stratum Cares Team selected Tytan’s story and surgery to have the Achilles tendons extended in both feet was performed on the 24th of November 2017.


Having both his feet in plaster for six weeks didn’t stop him from learning new tricks in his wheelchair. When the time came to ditch the wheelchair and start walking again, it was difficult at first as his legs got tired very quickly, but he kept pushing on. After starting with swimming physiotherapy, walking became a lot easier. Tytan then started walking without any support within three months and shortened his recovery period by nine months. What was the first thing Tytan did after his recovery? Ride a bicycle with a huge smile on his face!


This little fighter participates in rugby, tennis and swimming and wants to give cricket a go later this year.


“In the beginning, every afternoon after school, Tytan excitedly told me how he ran around with his friends. We are deeply grateful for all the help we have received from everyone, because without it we wouldn’t have been able to realise Tytan’s dream of being able to walk ‘normally’ again,” – Dalene.