One United Vision

Become a partner today, with the brand that is leading the market through an inspired belief that’s beyond the rational, it’s a cause to support, it is faith, it is a revolution!


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We cover the gap that exists between what your medical scheme pays and the fee charged for private healthcare. Be sure to get the very best medical shortfall cover you need and the service excellence you deserve.

As your forthright leading medical shortfall specialist, we engineer our products to not only fit, but benefit you and your lifestyle to ensure your medical shortfall is covered. Leading you to more than what you want, it’s delivering an experience that you need.

Through One United Vision our Brand Ambassadors voice the revolution, going Above & Beyond actions or results that can be measured. This inspired thinking guarantees your forthright leading medical shortfall specialist, consistently delivers transparent quality and remarkable value. Join the revolution and sign up today, to transcend your experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary.



We provide and enable distinct service excellence through unparalleled consistency in everything that’s communicated visually and verbally.


We are steadfast market leaders that lead by inspiration,
drive innovation through ingenuity as well as provide engineered solutions that not only fit but benefit our clients and their lifestyle.


We work to humanise our brand through personal interaction that breathes life into our refreshing approach. Through One United Vision we are more than a team, we are family, we are Brand Ambassadors who not only voice a revolution but establish emotional connections that personalise each and every one of our clients’ experiences with us.


An inspired promise to transcend each and every experience from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Providing an unrivalled level of expertise whilst bringing you the ultimate in client service and satisfaction.


Honesty is the best policy to win over clients trust and enable brand loyalty. Authenticity is achieved by doing and saying the things we believe in, trust becomes loyalty and it is this loyalty that supports our long term longevity.


We make every second count and every minute a memorable one. Piloting a new era, a revolution, that’s inspiring Above & Beyond approach takes flight by going that extra mile for every broker, every client and everyone.