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Health Insurance FAQ’s


What will happen to my dependant on my Health Insurance Policy once they turn 21?

2 months before your dependant turns the ripe old age of 21, we will send you a notification either by email or SMS. The SMS / email will be a notification to remind you that should you want your dependant to remain on cover, you will need to submit either proof of full time studies, (UNISA and proof of distant learning will not be accepted) or a 3 months stamped bank statement in the name of the dependant who will be turning 21. Once this is received, your 21-year-old dependant will remain on cover. Thereafter you will be notified annually 2 months before your child dependants’ birthday that we require proof of their studies, or financial dependency for the life time that they are a dependant on your policy.

Your removed child dependant can apply for their own policy as an adult, and if done before your next scheduled debit order, there will be no new underwriting placed on their policy. If there is a break in cover and they apply for their own policy, then full underwriting will be applied.

Why are there Late Joiner Penalty fees, on a Health Insurance policy and how do they work?

New legislation makes provision for Health Insurance to form part of the regulations as set out by the Council of Medical Schemes. Medical aids have always applied a Late Joiner Penalty and therefore Health Insurance can now as well.

How it works: Our premiums as per the brochure for the older age categories are the premium including the Late Joiner Penalty. If you provide proof of previous medical aid or health insurance cover for 15 or more years (does not have to be continuous) from the age of 35, you can submit all documentation to us and your premium will then be reduced to the same premium as the younger age groups.

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